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Safer at Home

Uppdaterat: 2 aug. 2023

The state of things are bad with COVID-19 and the projections of peak times have so far seemed accurate in Los Angeles. “Safer at home” is the expression used by the government to encourage people to be responsible and aware of the risks when venturing outdoors.

We are still all working from home. This is our reality for a couple of more weeks. I've heard dates like the last of April but nothing is definitely and it might even extend past that. We are lucky to be working in an industry that allows us to keep getting a salary while working remotely. Keeping our routines, working out and eating healthy seems even more important now. I have to say, staying home definitely makes me want to snack all the time. Right now pretty much everything is closed down except for food and medicine related stores. The Major has announced that water and power are to be shut off for any nonessential LA businesses who are not following the instructions.

In LA all restaurants are now doing takeout and delivery only. Supermarkets have a limit of how many people are allowed into the stores with guards as gatekeepers. There are drawn lines on the ground and the floor to measure out the distance for anyone standing in line waiting for their turn. Outdoor gyms are closed with police tape around the area. Restaurants are trying to sell food and offering toilet paper with orders to stay afloat (because yes, everybody’s hoarding toilet paper here too...). The senate has agreed on an approximately $2 trillion rescue pay to help taxpayers and companies through these times in the US. And we expect to yet have seen the worst of it.

In these times, be kind to each other. Take only what you need to allow essentials to others in need. If you can, help hospitals, doctors, nurses, anyone that is fighting the virus on the front lines. Send thoughts and love to those you hold dear. If they get sick, you won't be able to visit them at the hospital and be there by their side. If you get sick, you will be isolated and alone among nurses and doctors already exhausted and stressed out. Be kind, stay healthy.

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