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Hell yeah, you read it. We're hosting an open house in a few weeks and we want YOU to come and visit us!

Meet our students, the teachers and representatives from the gaming industry. Our friends from our Advisory Board will join us (DICE, Rovio, King, Machine Games etc.) and you can get all answer to your questions about game development, about working in the industry and what it's like to study at Sweden's oldest game development education!

We will also have a guest lecture during the day from Mikael Hellberg, Art Manager at DICE. He'll be speaking on the subject: "Get the most out of your education"

The PlaygroundSquad building will be open from 14:00 to 17:00 (2pm - 5pm) and if you want to join us, please register via this link (it will help us prepare the best experience for you!)

So save the date: 6th of March 2020

Open House at PlaygroundSquad

Adress: Trotzgatan 29, Falun Sweden.

Register your attendance to our open house here.


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