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The Big YH Day

On April 28th we had a event at Tensionhuset about higher vocational studies here in Dalarna. This was held by Dalarna's YH organizer, in collaboration with Region Dalarna and the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth. 

During this day about 80 people from trade organisations, career consultants, vocational guidance offices, politicians, and also some representatives from the gaming industry came together to discuss the meaning of YH here in Dalarna and the impact that the higher vocational studies here (YH) in Dalarna have on our region. Did you know that 8 out of 10 students already have work when they end their studies at the YH collages here? 

The main purpose of this event was to market the twenty-something different collages of higher vocational studie programs (YH) that Dalarna offers and to create some new collaborations within Dalarnas region. If more people knew about these different collages of higher vocational studies more people would have jobs right after their studies end, which would be good for everyone including Dalarna as a region.

Sofia Jarl who is the vice chairman of Region Dalarna spoke about the importance of our higher vocational studies (YH) here in Dalarna and how important they are to the region. There is a great demand of labour now and we need to be ahead of our game, she says.

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