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Yesterday was a wonderful day. All of the PSQ students came back from summer break, and the 1-year students finally got to see our school IRL for the first time!

Since the COVID-19 Pandemic hit hard during the last weeks of the application process, a lot of the applicants didn't have the chance or opportunity to visit PSQ before applying. That's why it was especially fun to see everyone here since it was a special time for a lot of you!

The building has been so empty since early spring, and now with everyone back, it just fills us with joy.

Yesterday, the 1st-year students had their briefing, and the 2nd-year students were getting comfy in their old seats. The 1st-year students also had their very first lesson yesterday: Game Analysis.

The rest of the week will consist of getting to know each other, photoshoots (you'll be able to find the pics and portfolios' of the students here once they're done) and other lectures and maybe even some homework!

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