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Who am I, who are we?

There is so much ground to cover, but let me start by sharing snippets of my person and life.

As mentioned in the previous post, I am currently living and working in Los Angeles, something I would never have dreamed of before. Being a person who likes routines, the comfort of familiar surroundings, and seeing my home as the ultimate comfort zone, I easily get content staying in one spot, one studio, for long periods. However, my partner is quite the opposite. Sensitive to work/private-life balance and constantly looking to improve in all areas, he’s been jumping around more than me. Most of my journey across different studios and countries I have my significant other to thank for, Markus Hammarstedt, Senior Animator on Overwatch, Blizzard. Together our common interests are games, food, anime, and exercise.

Growing up, I had no information or understanding that working with games was a career option. A partner to me at the time introduced me to the possibility, and after studying a year at University, having quite a rough time, I switched entirely and haven’t looked back since. Working with games is very turbulent, filled with political conflicts, but it can also be very rewarding.

Moving through this industry, in general, be mindful of when you are about to drown in work. Know your worth, don’t let your passions be exploited. There is no place for egos when wanting a team to succeed in making a kickass game.


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