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PlaygroundSquad's measures regarding the Coronavirus

Uppdaterat: 2 aug. 2023

Yesterday, the Swedish government announced that they recommend schools, such as PlaygroundSquad, to have their students work from home.

Therefore, PlaygroundSquad recommends all students to work from home, starting by today (18th of March.) Our staff will work as usual, and the school will be running as usual. You can also apply and use our application site as usual.

Our students just started their 2nd game project of the education where the classes are split into two groups, and we're, of course, super-excited to see what they will create during this time.

We don't hesitate for a second that the students will manage the projects anyway, despite the situation. Our students are fantastic, and they'll make it work - we know it!

Take care of each other and game on! ❤️

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